What if Sam Tarly wrote A Song of Ice and Fire, and everything taking place in Game of Thrones is just from his story? According to this theory, that’s what’s happening.

Here’s the original post from reddit user Huntsig:

“There’s been speculation before that the books are actually a series of historical texts, potentially written by Sam. In the library, Maester Ebrose was offering guidance on how to write a historical account and Sam said he would name it ‘something poetic.’ Could this be a nod towards this theory being correct?”

Sam Tarly wrote A Song of Ice and Fire theory

sam tarly wrote a song of ice and fire oldtown
HBO’s “Game of Thrones”

So where does the theory come from? As we know, Sam does more reading than fighting (although he has killed a White Walker). Here’s a quote from George R. R. Martin when asked about which character he most identifies with:

“I would probably be Samwell Tarly. I love Sam, too. He’s a great character,” he said. “Tyrion might be who I want to be, but Sam is probably closer to who I actually am. The fat kid who likes to read books and doesn’t like to go up a lot of stairs.”

As we know, Sam is in Oldtown, which is where all of the histories of the world of Westeros exist — and he’s doing plenty of reading already. Someone in the world of Westeros is surely writing about the events we’re watching unfold. And Archmaester Ebrose appears to be the one writing that history, according to HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Season 7 Episode 2.

Ebrose is calling his book, “A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I,” a title Sam appears not to like. Ebrose asked Sam if Sam didn’t like the title, and Sam simply said, “Possibly something a bit more poetic?”

A more poetic title: A Song of Ice and Fire

A Song of Ice and Fire is most certainly a more poetic name than “A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I.”

There is some more evidence, too. Check out the chandeliers in Oldtown, which we first saw when Sam arrived in Season 6:

HBO’s “Game of Thrones”

Looks awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

chandeliere game of thrones credits sam tarly wrote a song of ice and fire
HBO’s “Game of Thrones”

It’s the same chandelier from the opening credits of Game of Thrones. The chandeliers are a part of the context in which the entire story is framed — and they are in Oldtown. Sam is also in Oldtown, and he obviously has a “more poetic title” in mind. You don’t have to stretch the imagination much to make this theory work.

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