There’s a new Game of Thrones Season 7 poster from HBO, and it’s epic. Additionally, HBO has released an official teaser trailer for Season 7 announcing the date of the first episode: July 16, 2017. It, too, is epic.

Are there any hidden meanings in the Game of Thrones Season 7 poster?

The Game of Thrones Season 7 poster clearly depicts a battle of ice and fire. The TV show is based on the book series, which is titled “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

The true meaning behind “ice and fire” is debatable. Some think it relates only to Jon Snow, as he is ice (his Stark blood) and fire (his Targaryen blood). Some think it relates to Daenerys and her dragons (fire) versus the Others (ice … zombies).

Some think it’s all of the above.

One possibility: Dany and Jon Snow will finally meet up. We already have one theory that explains how this can happen, and it involves Tyrion Lannister bringing the two of them together.

Whatever the true meaning of “ice and fire” is, we could find out in Season 7. A true final battle-type scene between dragons and the Others feels more like a final season ordeal (Season 8 will be the final season), but perhaps the battle will begin in Season 7.

In any event, we need to pay close attention to any allusions to “ice” and “fire.” HBO has set the stage for these two themes to be central to the season.

Is there any hidden meaning in the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer?

Not explicitly — but we can speculate!

This trailer didn’t feature any new footage, and it included voiceovers from previous seasons. The trailer features stone figure sigils from each of the major houses crumbling as Dany speaks of “breaking the wheel.” Could this be a signal that all of the major houses will take a big hit in Season 7 as they crumble under the might of the Others — or each other?

Specifically, the trailer features a crumbling dragon (Targaryen), Stag (Baratehon) and Lion (Lannister). Actually, two dragons crumble, if we really want to read into it. Also, the trailer doesn’t explicitly show a crumbling wolf (Stark). Could the Stark family finally catch a break in Season 7?

Finally, the trailer ends with the circular spiral — an image of the Others. The trailer zooms out from the spiral into a blue eye (perhaps the Night’s King?). The Others are clearly going to have a major role in Season 7. They are the big baddies, and their time has finally come.

Or as the Starks would say: “Winter is coming.”

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